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Daisy Daisy

Daisy Daisy is an additional musical project for Julia Waldron

Julia Waldron and Nicola Farnon, two established female artists that combined their talents in September 2016.  Their gutsy original music, stage banter and obvious love of performing is simply a joy to encounter.


Julia Waldron - Songwriter / Vocals / Guitar.    

Nicola Farnon - Songwriter / Vocals / Double Bass / Piano /Cello

daisy 2.png

Inspired by a wide range of styles, Daisy Daisy bring something new and exciting to the acoustic music scene. Their songs tell stories, inspire and entertain. They take you from belly laughs to tears and everywhere in between. 

If you like songs about real life and all its' joys and challenges, sung from the heart with rich harmonies and beautiful arrangements, not to mention a bloody good laugh, you simply cannot miss the Daisy Daisy double act.  

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